IPR Consulting Ltd deals with trademark protection and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Trademark protection is a wide-ranging and complicated activity requiring sophisticated knowledge, and its necessity is something that everyone involved in business in today's market environment must face. Nowadays the market position of a product or service is mainly determined by how successfully it has been protected from counterfeiters.

Counterfeiters and infringers of intellectual property rights not only endanger the health and physical well-being of us all with their products, but also cause losses of tens of billions of forints to companies in the Hungarian market. For this reason it is important for experts skilled in this field to offer full protection to the manufacturers of products protected by law.

IPR Consulting acts against counterfeiters through effective means. It will devise your company's trademark protection strategy, and offer a full and effective service adapting to your needs from surveying the black market to organising joint operations with the authorities.

Remember: if you think your product is not being counterfeited, perhaps you just don't have enough information!

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September 24, 2010 - Operación Satélite, Madrid
Thousands of GPS navigation devices featuring pirated iGO 8 software were confiscated by the Spanish police in mid-September during their operation called “Operación Satélite”. The pirating Spanish company even shipped devices to the largest chain stores.
iGO Navigation Software Is the Second Most Pirated after Microsoft Products

Budapest, Hungary - Local custom offices have recently checked four cities: Eger, Gyöngyös, Szolnok and Jászberény. Several computer and mobile telephone shops have been examined, and criminal procedures were started in 14 cases. More than 40 computers and hard disks, 500 smaller data storage devices, and numerous GPS units were taken. The damage value is estimated to be at least HUF 40 million.
Pirated Software Seized at CeBIT!
German authorities take action over pirated iGO My way software at three different booths at CeBIT 2009. The regional prosecutor’s office issued an order for regulatory measures after representatives from IPR Consulting reported the fraud and submitted evidence to the authorities.